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  • Garage Equipment Online SFL3000 – Mobile Scissor Lift


       From as little as £10.14 per week.

    The SFL3000 scissor lift with included mobile kit is ideal for car body repair and tire service bays.The lift has been designed and constructed for lifting vehicles with the sole purpose of performing service, repairing and inspection, forbidding washing and parking the vehicles. Any other use not described is to be considered as improper and irrational, and thus it will be under the whole responsibility of the operator. The middle rise scissor lift is mainly used for tire service or other quick service around vehicles.
    This appliance must be only used for the purpose of which it is expressly designed.

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  • Trommelberg 1860 – Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer


       From as little as £8.99 per week.

    Semi-automatic tire changing machine with multiple expansion options for even better handling and enhanced scope of use and has larger clamping ranges 13″ to 28″ (across clamps).

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  • Trommelberg 1885 – Automatic Tyre Changer With Tilting Column


       From as little as £11.99 per week.

    Automatic tire changer with tilting column. Designed for work with 11″–22″ steel rims and 10″–20″. Titling column brings your tyre changing work to the next level. The reliable car tyre changing machine comes with many features and Precise positioning of mounting head towards the wheel in vertical and horizontal directions. Upgrade to Full Automatic Tyre changer possible with additional helping arms.
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  • Trommelberg CB1910B – Wheel Balancer


       From as little as £6.99 per week.

    Computer controlled wheel balancer with LED display for balancing car wheels. It has manual input wheel balancer capable of balancing up to 24″ wheels. This model is motorised meaning it requires less effort to spin the wheel. It also features static, steel and ALU balancing modes.

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  • Trommelberg CB1990B – Wheel Balancer Automatic


       From as little as £6.99 per week.

    Computer controlled wheel balancer for balancing wheels (up to 70 kg) of cars, light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. Designed for repair shops with medium and large amount of work. Fully automatic tire balancing machine for steel and aluminum rims and tires of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Automatic input of distance, diameter and width. The rotation of the wheel stops automatically at the right position to stick the weight, indicated by laser. The wheel balancer’s axle protrudes

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  • Trommelberg TST25SP – 1 Post Lift Mobile


       Only £16.99 per week.

    Mobile Single Post Lift TST25SP   Movable single post lift with support frame for areas with limited space. Equipped with CE certified safety system. Allround compact mobile single post car lift for all types of machines, passenger and commercial vehicles – also with ladder chassis. The down button will immediately pull back the safety hook and the lift will descent instantly. The ideal single post lift does not raise a bit before! Comes with all conceivable safety features and can easily be moved like a pallet truck.

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