Crucifix Wheel Aligner 3D

Wheel Alignment

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  • Crucifix Wheel Aligner 3D

    Computer based 3D wheel aligner with automatic camera boom, the boom is synchronised with vehicle movement on the lift.
    A very intuitive and easy to follow system with a rich database. The Ideal alignment system for workshops who have the room for a crucifix based system. It has has a stable, accurate, low-cost and easy -maintain wheel alignment system, designed for business expansion and high-performance requirements. It has outstanding and unique features, such as friendly operation interface, fast and stable search function, excellent camera and optical system, perfect additional measurement, etc.; It adopts the most advanced technology and has a unique expert testing mode, which can help workshop engineers to carry out professional and very fast alignment work. Specializing in 3D wheel alignment, Cost-effective, save time and work efficiently, suitable for automaker workshops, independent workshops or tire service workshops for mass wheel alignment at a reasonable cost.

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  • Ravaglioli – 4 Post Wheel Alignment Lift 4T

    4 Post Lift for Wheel Alignment made in EUROPE. Extra-long platforms for total wheel alignment with Front turning plates locations and rear slip plates. Precisely manufactured with the help of laser cutting and robot welding. This solid and safe 4 post alignment lift is designed for intensive use. If well aligned, a vehicle drives “straight across the road”. It benefits driving comfort, tire wear and the operation of the driver assistance system. If the chassis is aligned as prescribed by the manufacturer also the safety is contributed. The rear alignment plates can be locked.

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